LeBron Apologizes for “The Decision”

As I’m sure you’re all aware, the Miami Heat beat the Boston Celtics to win the NBA Championship advance to the Eastern Conference Finals tonight.  LeBron was feeling particularly good about the victory and offered up some reflection and remorse –  nearly 10 months after “The Decision” and one year since that infamous Game 5 performance in Cleveland.  LeBron, in postgame comments, stated:

“I knew I had to go through Boston at some point. I went through a lot signing to be here… The way it panned out with all the friends & family & fans back home, I apologize for the way it happened.  This was the opportunity of lifetime”

Brian Windhorst tweeted a quote in which LeBron specifically referred to his old teammates back in Cleveland:

“As much as I loved my teammates back in Cleveland, as much as I loved home, I knew I couldn’t do it by myself against that team.”

Some have been waiting a long time for this basic admission of wrongdoing.  I suppose it’s a big step – but maybe LeBron has lowered expectations that far for this sort of statement, that it registers as a shocking newsworthy item coming out of the Heat-Celtics series.  It seems convenient and easy to offer up on a night when everything is rosy on South Beach.  Game 5 (2010 edition) still happened – those questions remain unanswered.

Now back to your first place Indians.

  • CLE

    ROT. IN. HELL.

  • Jarrad Hawkins

    “did he think Boston wasnt getting any older?”

    What? Was he supposed to wait a few years in Cleveland while everyone else got better. Wade and Bosh would still be in Miami together. Wade and LeBron both recruited Bosh. Once Bosh LAUGHED at Cleveland and announced he was joining Wade, LeBron had a decision to make and he made the right one.

    “The worst part is this dude will have multiple championships when his career is over”

    Cool isn’t it?

  • ThisIsCrazy

    All this talk about how LeBron is a quitter is ridiculous. In that Cavs series against the Celtics, he had a real bad game 5. Then in game 6 he put up 27 points, 19 boards, and 10 assists. If I just saw that stat line alone I would think they would have won the game. But they didn’t. Last year the Celtics averaged 100.5 points a game against the Cavs. This year Celtics they only averaged 91 points per game against the Heat. 9 points in a playoff game is a pretty big turnaround.

    People argue that LeBron had a solid supporting cast last year. However, in the playoffs against the Celtics, the two next best scorers on the Cavs only averaged 16.1 points a game while on the Heat the two best scorers not named LeBron averaged 24.4. Again, an 8 point improvement from the Cavs.

    And look at the Cavs team last year. Mo Williams is a point guard who averages 13 points and 5 assists for his career. Varejao averages 7 points and 7 boards for his career. Anthony Parker spent most of his basketball career not in the NBA and as the starting shooting guard only gave them 8 points a game in 2009-10. And Shaq should’ve retired after Phoenix. And THIS was the team that was going to help LeBron get a ring? I forgot, they had Jamario Moon and Delonte West coming off the bench…

    Jordan had Pippen. Kobe had Shaq. Then Kobe had Pau and Odom. Magic had Kareem. Bird had McHale. Bill Russel had Bob Cousy. Oh and LeBron had old and slow Shaq? LeBron had Mo Williams? That doesn’t sound right at all.

    Defense wins championships. Not good, but Great teams win championships. The Cavs were good. They didn’t give LeBron the pieces that the team needed to win. I’m sure maybe if Bosh or Wade had actually wanted to go to Cleveland things could’ve been different. However, neither of them wanted to live there and that says alot about Cleveland itself. LeBron resurrected Cleveland and gave them some great years of basketball. Be grateful for that. Be happy that when the first pick went to Cleveland they didn’t pick Kwame Brown or Sam Bowie. They picked a tremendous talent and hardworking competitor in LeBron. He left in free agency and it was a perfectly legal move. Don’t try to ruin LeBron’s legacy by calling him Le[GirlDog], LeQueen, or LeChoke. Cleveland fans should be happy they even had those years with him even though they didn’t go all the way.

  • crobarred


    I think you meant to say Yuan. Yen is the currency in Japan. Yuan is the currency in China. But your point is valid regardless of Asian currency.

  • stin4u

    @cro – I stand corrected my good fellow.

  • Del

    LeQuit is lucky he never gets to play with the likes of the Bad Boy Pistons in the next round. That going down on one knee? That asinine drama he put up, as well as the stupid things he’s done since after last season? Those Boys from Detroit would shove it down his throat.

    I have no respect for him, and I sure as hell really wish someone in the next round (Chicago or Atlanta) brings out their inner Salley or Laimbeer or Rodman and let him have it a few times. Let him know how much of a boy he really is pretending to be a man. A half-[donkey’d] apology after all this time? Puh-leeze… He can win all the championships he can, he’s still a chump.

  • JM

    Hey guys we had a lot of fun but my team sucked last year. Way to stay classy LeBron.

  • christopher

    “i knew i couldnt get through Boston by myself”…..inaccurate.

    “i knew i couldn’t win a title in Cleveland and then bolt town to play with my two friends who agreed that we all would play together 3 years ago and justify it to the media who are responsible for helping me make all my money”…….accurate.

  • Garry Owen

    I’m over it.

  • MrCleaveland


    So even though you know the twitter quote is inaccurate, you’re not going to correct it to the real quote BECAUSE OMIGOD IT WAS ON TWITTER, AND TWITTER IS INVIOLATE AND NOT CAPABLE OF ERROR!!!!!!

    Whatever, I don’t even care any more. I just thought that you’d place more value on your credibility than you do. It’s such a simple correction.

  • timothy

    it was pretty funny seeing him hunched over crying like Jordan did when he won the title. congrats your going to the ecf. still got 2 more rounds bud. in saying that i dont know who will be able to beat the heat now. the bulls are the cavs from last year, the hawks are too inconsistent, thunder too young and inexperienced, the mavs are our last hope. i mean they swept the champs pretty convincingly, so go Dirty Dirk! in my perfect world it would be heat v grizzlies finals with z-bo and chubby Gasol sweeping them. whatever im going to go to the prog and cheer for my tribe! Go Indians!

  • MattyFos

    @ ThisIsCrazy 53

    He also had, what, 9 turnovers in game 6. PA-LEASE.
    Also, that was after he already quit on his teammates and the Cavs team just mailed in game 6… Do you remember Andy shooting a 3 pointer with time remaining and Cavs players walking around aimlessly?

  • MattyFos

    I love all the random people on here telling everyone to get over it. I am over it. I don’t care what he does. I’ll be rooting against him but I was also rooting against the Lakers and they may have been the best option on knocking out the Heat.
    You need to get over YOURSELF! I don’t go to Heat forums or blogs and mock your “fanbase” at about 85% attendance for home games… Games against the Lakers and Celtics where there was more yellow or green in the stands than Heat red.

    To each his own. DBAG

  • Nay

    Me personally I do not have anything to do with his decision we do not know all the details of his reason for leaving this not my business i can careless. As a professional and respectful ball player I congratulates him in his basketball career and much success in the future.

  • JM

    I wonder if those Heat “fans” will at least show up in the East finals.

  • christopher

    help us Obi Wan Kim-Noah, you’re our only hope.

    he’s really not; his name just fits the best there.

  • mgbode

    better than Obi Wan Ginobli?

    I think not.

  • C-Bus Kevin

    @ mgbode

    Yeah…but the Spurs are long gone.

  • mgbode

    understood. i just don’t think anyone should be able to steal Manu’s nickname like that. especially Noah.

  • Harv 21

    @ 64: Gloria, is that you?

  • GhostToMost

    @ Mattyfos

    Yeah, he was one turnover away from a quadruple double. Understandable though, since his elbow was “sore” and everything.

  • christopher

    @ mgbode

    only used it there because the Bulls still have the chance to take out the Heat.

    had the Spurs been still left; wouldnt have gone near it.


  • Josh010388

    Yea I Said It, ragg, free yourself of hate, HRD53, Jarrad Hawkins, ThisIsCrazy, & Nay must all be the same person under different names… I saw Heat games on TV and there is NO way they have that many fans…

  • Vengeful Pat

    Well-played LBJ! So far your move to Miami has netted you, well exactly what you have already done in Cleveland. Beating a Celtics team with aging stars and a one-armed Rondo with no one to protect the rim (i.e. Kendrick Perkins). Wow, how did they do it?? The Bulls will offer a much tougher test.

    Still despising you, LeBron.

  • Believelander


    are my top 3

    Gotta say, he’s surely accomplished great things – winning an Eastern Conference semifinals!!!!!!!!1111WOOO!!!!111!!!11!!!!!1!!!!!1111! The Cavs only did that 3 times in the previous four seasons WOOOOOOOOOOOO GO MIAMI


  • NickB

    To be fair, the real person who threw that series was Mike Brown. There were some absolutely HORRENDOUS coaching decisions made on his end, on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball.

    In the last game LeBron had a Triple-Double. If Kobe scores a Triple-Double, do you think the lakers lose a playoff game? No way.

    LeBron played extremely well his entire tenure as a Cavalier, and the only gripe any Cleveland fan can have against him is how he left, and not how he played.

    If it werent for him, this team would be the bottom feeder it is now far earlier and thats the facts.