WFNY Roundtable

WFNY Roundtable: Super Bowl Edition

I would say to a man the WFNY team was just like you yesterday- a temporary Packers fan. And for once the team we were rooting for won. So I asked the WFNY team, is there any real satisfaction derived from seeing the Steelers lose?

Denny– There is, until you realize that the only real joy you have is derived from someone else’s shortcomings. Then it’s not so fun.

Rick– That’s kind of my point. I mean, thank goodness the Steelers lost, but it’s not like one of our teams actually won something.

Jacob– I couldn’t help but freak out about Green Bay coming up short with a field goal there to bring the lead to just six points. Maybe it’s just because I’ve become so used to last-second heartbreakers, but I was more nervous after that because I just had a feeling that the Steelers somehow were going to get the touchdown for the win there. But yeah it is satisfying, no Cleveland team has won a game in quite a while, so it’s nice to actually have something go your way in any sort of sports game this time of the year. It’s been rough, so I’ll take any sort of win, even if it’s by cheering against an enemy.

DP– Sure… of course it doesn’t mean that much to me that Green Bay won, but I would be lying if I didn’t take a little joy in seeing the Steelers lose. Moreover, the most “joy” I took was seeing Ben Roethlisberger have a pretty bad game. After hearing about how him winning this game would cement him as a Hall of Famer as well as hearing about how, gee, golly, he sure has turned into a great guy! despite the ALLEGATIONS against him, that wounded duck pick-six made me so very happy. At the end of the day, it does nothing for the Browns to see the Steelers lose; they’re still one of the three or four best teams in the league and probably will be again next year. The Browns, clearly, are not. But, their loss was satisfying for me from the standpoint that I don’t have to hear about how awesome they are, and especially about how awesome Big Ben is.

Andrew– As a Browns fan, sure, I loved seeing the Steelers lose. I will never root for that team in any scenario unless them winning somehow directly impacts the Browns in a positive way (ie, we need them to beat a team the Browns are fighting for a wild card spot with). I don’t know as that for me it’s indicative of any kind of big picture issue. It’s just a rivalry. Hating the Steelers is in my blood, so it was a lot of fun last night seeing something finally not go their way. I don’t claim them losing the Super Bowl is a victory for the Browns in any way. There’s no question I would switch franchises with them in a heartbeat if given the opportunity (save for the pandering of accused rapists…they can keep that). I don’t feel like I’m living vicariously through their failure. I just hate that franchise more than any other franchise in football, and so it was a fun night laughing at their failure.

Scott– I definitely think that a lot of this goes back to TD’s piece on jealousy. Would I like to have the Browns replicate Pittsburgh’s fortune? Of course. But in the same, I think I echo w everyone when I say I take pleasure in theirs misfortunes just as much. If anything, rooting for the Packers last night made me realize how much bigger the super bowl will be for this town if and when it finally happens.

Rick– I have to agree there Scott. I was at the last Browns victory over the Steelers, and as much as I enjoyed seeing the Steelers lose on the big stage, it was still sweeter having the Browns beat them even in a garbage season.

What about you? How much satisfaction do you get from a Steeler Super Bowl loss?

  • RazorZips

    I was like Jacob and thought that if Ben drives them down to win I am dreading the “HOF” & “greatest of all time” talk. I was wearing my Packers hat I bought in 96 -so, it was better to have the team I cheered for when the Browns were on hiatus beat the hated Steelers.

  • oribiasi

    The enemy of my enemy is…The Green Bay Packers, for one glorious game. Good for them; now let’s talk draft/2011.

  • MrCleaveland

    Hey, we take our happiness where and when we can find it.

    Some people inherit a million dollars in an oak-paneled suite, some people find a dollar bill in a dumpster. Obviously, we’re dollar-bill people.

  • Harv 21

    Disagree with all of you in one sense. Look forward to the day when I am secure enough in the competence of my team that I can give grudging respect to our rival as a rep of our division. Kind of the way Kevin McHale fiercely grabbed Isaiah Thomas’s jersey courtside as time ran out and told him to go beat the west.

    We are the town that deified LeVBron and Albert Belle. Won’t begrudge Pitts their great (yes, great) scumbag athlete.

    Last, here’s what I wanted to see: can a well-run west coast offense match up against the physical Steelers defense? Yessss!

  • My primary reason for wanting the Steelers to lose is the simple fact that their fan base in Northeast Ohio is seriously getting out of control. Another Super Bowl win would grow that fan base to a dangerous level.

    Another reason is that I would question ways and the rules of the world if a serial sex offender was granted a third Super Bowl ring this season. I know there is no right/wrong when it comes to the cosmos, but I’d rather not be slapped in the face with that reality.

    Finally… yeah, just for once I want Steelers fan to feel my pain. Suck it!

  • MallaLubba

    I just hope and pray that this is the end of the Steelers’ era of winning. The sooner they go back into obscurity the better. What always pisses me off about that team is the fans and not the team. I’m already enduring the ex-pats in my office telling me that they’re not worried about the loss because they know they’ll be back and probably next year.

    Actual conversation:
    S-fan: “I mean, it’s not like we’re the Browns and if we got to the Superbowl it would be our one chance at it. I could understand how depressed you be if you got there and lost.”
    Me: “So, you’re attempting to backhandedly bash me via a hypothetical? That’s fine. The greater Cleveland area will just keep employing you and educating you and taking your hard earn money and offering suburbs that aren’t dozens of rundown former mill towns and supplying a transit system (with light rail) that is actually convenient and giving you free museums, free parks, and the second largest performing arts district in the country …you want me to go on?”
    S-fan: “Ikea.”
    Me: “….*sigh* It’s like talking to a brainwashed religious zealot.”

  • Chris

    As I chimed in with my 2 cents to Craig immediately after the game: “Still, it’s nice to see what a well run west coast offense can do to our division rivals”.



    satisfaction or pleasure felt at someone else’s misfortune.

    1890–95; < German, equivalent to Schaden harm + Freude joy

  • DieHardHomer

    There are no moral victories…except in Cleveland, where it seems that’s all we can hope for. Watching the Stealers* lose a relatively close game is the best possible outcome for a Browns fan this year, in my opinion. When all the broadcasters (save Bradshaw) picked Green Bay, when they settled for a figgie for a 6 point lead, over 2:00 left, everything had me ready to watch Consentlessberger march Pukesburgh down the field for the win, like so many other games. Thankful they’re still stuck at 5-1/2 Lombardis to date. Now I just can’t wait for the Draft to start…

    *not a typo (c. 2006)

  • Mark

    Harv 21 last point is the one I wanted to see. How would GB’s west coast offense match up against the Steelers D? The answer is pretty encouraging. All talent differences aside, the scheme worked well. GB completely shut down Harrison and Polamalu. That was the difference in the game. And I looked a Rodgers with the thought/hope that could McCoy be that type of QB for us? I think McCoy just might be that type of QB – smart, accurate and mobile. I can’t remember too many throws where McCoy’ s lack of a big arm would have hurt him in yesterdays game. Maybe this WCO is really the way to go.

  • Swig

    I would rather the Steelers win then the Ravens win, so until the Browns get it together I can only begrudge the Steelers for their fans.

    I thought it was pretty easy to root for Green Bay throughout the playoffs.

  • @MallaLubba — Unfortunately, until Dick LeBeau and Rothlisberger are gone, I think the Steelers are serious contenders.

    Fortunately, I was breezing through the Steelers forums last night (just reading, no trolling) and I was happy to see people calling for LeBeau’s head. I cannot wait for LeBeau to retire.

  • CoachA12

    I told myself (and others) for the past 2 weeks that I was a temporary Green Bay fan but I never believed that I was any sort of real “fan” of the Green & Yellow. I, like Browns fans everywhere, simply wanted the Steelers to lose. But the feeling I had this morning when I woke up felt as close to that of a Browns win as I’ve felt since, well… whenever the last Browns’ win was. So perhaps, I have truly become a bit of a Packers fan. I felt undeniable joy the morning after the game because the team I want to lose did just that. And because the Green Bay Packers are the team that they lost to. Go Pack Go!

  • Shamrock

    @6 All the Browns need is a QB and 3 WRs. Green Bay didn’t even have Jermichael Finley for that game. Pittsburgh will be right back next year along with Baltimore, New England and the NY Jets. Meanwhile the Browns will be at the other end. If you watched yesterday you saw just how far Cleveland is if it wants a championship.

  • Haas

    I definitely took satisfaction in it. Not only does Green Bay’s win mean that Pitt lost, but it gives me hope as a Browns fan. If you really look at it, the Packers and Browns have some similarities. Both are smaller city franchises with lots of history from the 50s and 60s, and have tremendous fans.

    And they are built like the Browns are trying to be built now. Building through the draft. Having a competent GM/Czar. Used a young, rookie HC who runs a WCO with a DC with head coaching experience. Make small, quality free agent signings without limiting their cap room.

  • 5KMD

    Best line last night while my steeler’s loving wife and her family were watching the end of the game (they are legit fans) was when she asked me if I knew how hard it was to watch your team lose the superbowl.

    Then it dawned on her who she was talking to and she smiled sheepishly. They then all agreed to come back to my house again next year and watch their team again in the big game.

  • EZ

    I definitely enjoyed the Steelers loss aspect of the game, but I will say that from the beginning of the playoffs I’d been pulling for the Packers. I generally like Packer fans, I think it’s awesome that you basically have to get on a 20-year waitlist for tickets, and I wish it was possible for another town to literally own their franchise the way that Green Bay does:

  • Yesterday was my Super Bowl.

  • Allen

    I feel no shame admitting that I was openly rooting against the Steelers, and very much enjoyed the fact that they lost. Even better, that they lost to a small-market team owned by the residents of the city of which it represents.

    As many have said, the endless babble about Steeler Greatness and Rothlisberger’s impending entry to the HOF made it impossible not to be nauseated – and then add in the NE Ohio “Steelers fans” who come out of the woodwork, well, what kind of jerk are you if you don’t find some satisfaction in their loss?

  • CJG

    Does this mean Denny is coming back?

  • mgbode

    if you can’t take joy in the steelers losing, then I feel bad for you. fantastic game

  • Mike

    I have to favorite football teams. First and for most, my desfunctional Cleveland Browns. Then, any team playing the Squeelers!

  • Mike

    Sorry that should be a “two” not “to”. Didn’t want anybody thinking I had a Pa education!!

  • Tikihat

    I always hope the Steelers will lose to their opponent, unless they’re playing Baltimore. Then I hope for an asteroid impact.