NBA Rumors – Izzo, Mo, Delonte, Toronto

Note: there is a Finals game today. OK – got that out of the way. As Brian Windhorst pointed out in a recent column, this is the time of year where NBA trade talks start to gain traction. Most teams prefer their trades made before the draft, which is on June 24th. In addition, many teams hire their new coaches prior to the draft. The Cavs are one such team that needs a coach, and is likely to look at trade scenarios.

Touching on the coach rumors first, sources close to WFNY have let told us that talks between the Cavs and Michigan State coach Tom Izzo are picking up steam. While Izzo is a Michigan guy, so is Cavs owner Dan Gilbert. It’s quite apparent that Gilbert is not afraid to throw money around, and though Izzo has passed up the chance at NBA jobs before, the money offered may be so much that it would be very difficult for Izzo to turn down.

Gilbert has been rumored to be enamored with Izzo for a long time. While Izzo recently did an interview with Andy Katz and said that he wants to win a second title at MSU before taking a shot at the NBA, the fact that he mentioned the NBA as a career possibility certainly helps the chances that he could be “gotten” by Gilbert. From what we’ve heard, one of the big differences between Gilbert and Danny Ferry was Gilbert’s desire to hire a college coach – something Ferry was not wholly on board with.

In addition to the coaching murmurs, there has also been discussion that the Cavs are looking to move Mo Williams and Delonte West. It’s no secret that Williams’ contract is big given his disappearing act in the playoffs. While Delonte West has a team-friendly contract, it is also incredibly friendly to teams looking to shed contract weight, as he can be cut before August 1 with very little compensation.

The Cavs are reportedly talking with Toronto in trying to assess the value of Williams. Bob Finnan of the News-Herald has reported that a Williams-for-Jose Calderon swap has been discussed [Link]. Obviously the big fish in Toronto is Chris Bosh, but the Cavs are not reportedly on Bosh’s “Fav Five” list of potential destinations given to the Raptors’ front office. Also worth noting is the disgruntled Hedo Turkoglu in Toronto.

While we certainly will be hearing more about these things going forward, it will be interesting to see things unfold. Things are (allegedly) happening!

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  • typo

    I don’t want turkoglu. I hate the man. He left a great team and a great situation for more money. Then he has the gall to complain and moan the entire year. Now he says that he doesn’t want to return to t-dot. What a spoiled immature cry baby. Really. No thanks

  • JM

    I’m all for trading West, the guy is just off his game now. But trading Williams this fast? Wouldn’t this set them back yet again at PG???

  • brianrut4

    What would we have to package in a sign and trade to get Ru Paul a max deal, assuming the reports are incorrect, as he claimed.

  • Bassy. Or if they’d trade for Calderon, there you go.

  • If we could somehow swing.a sign and trade for Bosh and Calderon for Mo,Delonte and JJ…

  • Gren (not Glen)

    Finally something I look forward to, the off-season moves.

    But, wouldn’t this all have to wait a month, when the Finals are finally over ?

  • Tim

    Calderon would be nice, but was he injured or something last year? His stats were noticeably down from the 8-9 assists he was averaging a couple years ago. I agree about no Turkoglu, seems like a lazy mercenary.

  • Wheel

    I’d trade Williams for Calderon in a heartbeat. Do it Cavs.

  • TBrown

    I don’t know about the whole Calderon thing… seems like that doesn’t help us all that much, if at all.

  • Tim

    Let’s get that Deron Williams guy instead actually.

  • Chris

    So why wouldn’t a swap of Williams and Jamison for Turk and Calderon be a possibility? The money works, and it would save Toronto lots of cash, and it looks like the Jamison experiment failed here.

    If you let Turk play the way he played in Orlando, he could be worth something.

    This would be contingent on Lebron staying, and if you work out a sign and trade for Hickson for Bosh and whatever else they wanted, then resign Shaq for another year to make the money work. It can be done*.

    *This is a total pipe dream.

  • JM

    Gilbert needs to chill out. Do they really wanna redo the team all over again?? If a trade or free agent can be done then sure go for it. But to do it again just to redo the roster? No thanks.

  • Alex

    please no derkaglue , he’s old, and over paid.

  • brianrut4- I don’t think the Cavs would be successful with a drag queen running point.


  • MattC

    I’d much, MUCH rather have Jamison over Turkoglu. I’m not ready to give up on Jamison yet. It’d be one thing if Turkoglu didn’t turn into a huge crybaby overnight and was also on the wrong side of 30 [like Jamo].

    I also think Mo’s time with the team is probably up unless we can find a way to make him a bench player, at least if one wants to assume LeBron is coming back [read: we are going to be competitors].

    I’ve been a huge Mo detractor, but I gotta say, I kinda feel bad for the guy. I’m not a huge Twitter guy, but I somehow stumbled onto Mo’s page today after reading some Windy and there are some brutal Cleveland fans saying some terrible stuff on there. Mo had some tweet about watching his sons graduate from middle school and kindergarten and some guy tweeted back at him that his sons were bums just like him and to get him and them the hell outta C-town. Kinda low to bring someone’s family in like that, particularly young kids. ANyway, I digress. I would love to see Mo stay with the team if he can come off the bench in a Jamal Crawford-style role. The guy is not starting guard material. All there is to it. But I don’t see much of an upgrade if it’s just a straight-up 1:1 Calderon for Mo unless we can turn around and use Calderon in another deal. Don’t know his contract situation.

    I also appreciate Gilbert’s willingness to throw the bank at the team, but I am getting a bit disconcerted at his actions in recent weeks. Mike Brown firing was of course appropriate, but the overall tenor that seems to indicate he is seizing total control for the time being is putting him on the wrong side of Mark Cuban/Jerry Jones. I hope we come out of this intact personnel/staff-wise, with competent people, LeBron or not.

  • SxDx

    Mo is a solid player, but hes not a true point gaurd and we could definitely use one. I agree with the others that Mo would be great as a spark plug off the bench, he would probably be a 6th man of the year candidate just like Jason Terry or Jamal Crawford. But Mo’s ball handling and passing skills leave a lot to be desired. We need it setup to where Lebron doesnt have to be the playmaker and the primary scoring option all the time. Calderon is a nice player but Im not sure how much of an upgrade that would be. Maybe we can work out a sign & trade to land Chris Bosh. That should be enough to keep Lebron around. I know we dont have the capspace but if Gilbert has to pay the luxury tax to keep LBJ, he will do it. It certainly beats having the franchise depreciate by 100 million in value, and once again having 10,000 empty seats every night.

  • mike

    i guess looking purely at stats, calderon and williams are similar, but is it an upgrade? not quite sure. i would like to see mo’s minutes decline and see boobie play some more. but hey, im just a regular guy watching sports on tv. on the izzo issue, great college coach, but how do they translate to the nba? we all know how bad college football coaches are going to the nfl, but not sure its the same thing.

  • John W Sharp


  • Pat18970

    He looked like a guy who had his bags packed.

  • Mesa

    Laughable post. Finnan, the worst beat writer in Cleve, didn’t even say the Cavs spoke to Toronto. That was poor speculation on his part. Ugh. This is why you guys are going to keep waiting and waiting and…

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  • Roosevelt

    Why is Izzo a “splash”? Has a college coach besides Larry Brown ever been successful?

    What’s the point of Calederon? Before we had Mo, all the talk was about a second option to score. Now that we have him, (and Jamison) we suddenly need someone to distribute? Lebron has to handle the ball because he wants to handle the ball. When Lebron fights for position on the block EVAR or cuts without the ball more than once or twice a game, I’ll believe that a playmaker is the problem.

    Last best hope: Shaq and some of Gibson/Hickson/Delonte for Bosh and Turkoglu. You gotta figure that not many teams would offer that good a package for Bosh, and there’s no reason Cleveland wouldn’t.

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  • David Smith

    Mr. Finan and everyone else. I agree with Mesa, there is no validity to the Mo Williams for Calderon rumor, it was a possible trade that could be made that Mr. Finan speculated on, and basically made up. This is the same thing that happened last year, when he speculated a trade,(cannot remember what it was, but it blew up over the internet, and he ended up retracting it)

    So, there is no truth that the Cavs have spoke with Toronto, just that Toronto wants to trade Calderon and Turk, and the Cavs are interested in trading Mo and Delonte…so he puts the two together, without submitting any “unknown sources”, he just made it up…so…no…not true and not happening…except in Bob’s world…

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