Matt LaPorta Called Up, To Start Today at 1B

Following last night’s trade of Russell Branyan to Seattle for prospects Juan Diaz and Ezequiel Carrera, the Tribe are seemingly without a first baseman. To remedy this, Matt LaPorta has been recalled from AAA Columbus, where he has been hitting .353 since being sent down. According to Terry Pluto, LaPorta has fixed his swing while in Columbus to remedy issues that lingered following surgery for turf toe and a bad hip.

LaPorta should be playing every day at first base, getting experience at the major league level. Hopefully now that the team’s gone all-in as a “rebuilding” team we’ll see the young guys contributing and growing as they get every day play in Cleveland.

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  • WHAT!! No Marte?

  • mgbode

    Matty made a funny 🙂

    As much as I hate to admit it, this makes the Branyan signing a raving success for Shapiro.

    1. We hijacked less than half the season with running Branyan out there.

    2. We made LaPorta mad and eager to prove we were wrong to send him down (look at his quotes and his #’s since we sent him down. like Cliff, it looks like we had to make him angry to get the best out of him)

    3. We get ‘free’ prospects (well, they cost less than 1/2 Branyans salary for this year), one of which is an acclaimed defensive player (we need as many of those in our system as we can get).

    I am through getting mad when Shapiro signs mediocre position players in the offseason. Trading them is where he does his best work.

  • Shamrock

    Marte who? They should just cut him already. Now that Love Musclehas been traded I hope Peralta isn’t to far behind. Make from for Lonnie! As far as LaPorta goes play the kid everyday and leave him alone Manny.

  • oribiasi

    @ MGBODE — Let’s see if you feel the same way about our dear Shapiro when Sizemore, Carmona and let’s throw in Peralta are all gone before next season. :/

  • Shamrock

    @4 Shapiro is bound to hit on a trade now and then given how many he pulls off. It’s kinda like the author of this “article.”. The more you right eventually you’ll get something right, ya know? Quantity v quality!

  • Shamrock

    Right = write

  • oribiasi

    @ Shamrock — Ha, yes indeed. “LaPorta corrected his swing,” should read “He’s like a .300 hitter when he doesn’t strike out.”

  • mgbode

    if Peralta is gone, I will commend Shapiro. Will other teams actually trade prospects for him or do we need to give up prospects for them to take him away? (I kid, I kid)

    Carmona is going nowhere unless someone gives us a Colon deal. We have him locked up until 2014. 2014! So, the Mets said that they are interested, well no duh they are interested. Most teams would be (including small market teams).

    Sizemore is a more interesting case. I think his injuries have made it so that we won’t trade him until next summer if we can’t agree on a longer term deal. And, honestly, his injuries have been making his play slip. What has Sizemore given us the past year that Brantley couldn’t replace?

    Now, don’t get me wrong, Sizemore has a higher ceiling and Brantley hasn’t proven anything yet. But, I am sort of nervous about getting locked into a long term deal with an oft-injured player whose stats have been slipping. Call it Hafner-itis.

  • mgbode

    @3 – you need to get your sarcasm detector adjusted.

  • Marte = The man

  • mgbode

    and LaPorta promptly strikes out once he puts back on the Tribe uni. maybe we should have a Clipper night where we wear the Columbus uni’s so that some of these guys feel more at home?

    also, great DP by Philips. so that’s what good defense looks like.

    though, to end on a positive note, for now, Talbot has done a pretty decent job of pitching around trouble and getting out of jams.

  • mgbode

    who stole Wood’s jersey and facial hair?

    that was a dominating close. wow.