World Cup

America Needs You Open Thread

Guys, I’m not gonna fuddle around with this. The USA is in the elimination round of the World Cup. Awesome, awesome things happened at the end of the Algeria game to make this a possibility. Bro Biden would say that today’s game is a big [something] deal. Chill Clinton stayed in South Africa just for this game. I’m out at the bar with Eli (Pour House, Penn Ave SE DC – Steelers bar yes, but today we’re AMERICANS, folks). Those of you who are around, leave your thoughts here as the game progresses – and even afterwards!

And get pumped. You know, for ‘Merica.

Photo Credit: (REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi)

  • Rich

    Well, I’m not sure wtw DeMerit was doing. I have no idea why he was pushed so far up.

    Second, Tim Howard needed to save one of these two shots. Ghana hasn’t had any real chances on goal except the two goals, and Howard came up small on both.

  • subadai


    Agree…. Howard might have to wear the horns. He should have stopped the first one, at least.

  • Rich

    I’m also not sure why the ref. isn’t hurrying the game up. He’s letting Ghana waste time w/o saying anything to them about it.

  • subadai

    But… we usually score late. Added time should be no different.

  • subadai

    More “Bullshit” chants from the USA fans… I agree. This time better be added… and then some.

  • JJ in DC

    I think the clock’s going to strike midnight

  • subadai

    The Ricardo Clark change killed us. Dumb. Never should have been on the pitch. That killed us.

  • subadai

    Would’ve been awesome if Howard would’ve scored.

  • Rich

    Well, the Ricardo Clark move was the first mistake. Tim Howard not making a big save was the second problem. And DeMerit being nowhere near where he should have been was the final problem.

  • mgbode

    at least we weren’t the first team eliminated this round.

  • subadai

    If any of you ever see Ricardo Clark… Kick the no-talent-ass-clown in the balls.

    If any of you ever see Bob Bradley…. Kick him in the balls and ask him “Why did you start Ricardo Clark”

  • Rich

    Oh, and Findley being on the pitch. Forgot about that one. He hadn’t played well this whole world cup. I have no clue why he was starting again. Two players who we had to use subs on that should have never been on the field.

  • subadai

    DANG. I’m disappointed.

    When does Browns camp start? I need to be built up again for further disappointment.

  • Shamrock

    Better luck next year! 

  • Stinkfist

    mgbode… I had a Shiner too. They’re fantastic.