God Bless Bruce Drennan

Love him or hate him, STO’s Bruce Drennan is certainly passionate about Cleveland sports. Don’t believe me? Don’t miss the absolute CLASSIC reaction after yesterday’s 5-4 stunner of an Indians loss.

I’m just gonna say that I don’t care what Drennan has done in the past, this rant is the finest five minutes of his broadcasting career. That Branyan “first tee” blast made me spit out my water. Best of all, Drennan is ripping the team on its own TV station!

Kudos Bruce, you are doing fine work my friend.

  • stin4u

    hahaha unreal

  • Ahahahaha love the swivel chair part.

    The truth is with Peralta, Grady, Hafner, and Branyan all hitting like high schoolers there is no way this team can win. Those guys are supposed the be the reliable vets and the unproven youngsters and backups are outperforming them. Kearns put up better numbers in a week than Grady has all year.

    Just awful.

  • Matt#2

    I read the title and thought, “Bruce Drennan died?”

  • Clown Baby

    Fantastic. I say the man has earned tax exempt status on his gambling winnings. It’s good to see a sports reporter more interested in honesty then being on good terms with the athletes. Take note ESPN.

  • Lyon

    Love it! so entertaining.

    Going to imagine that everytime Branyan is mentioned.


    Did he record this while the game was still being played??? Wouldn’t know from the crowd in the background.

  • Chris

    So, has STO fired him yet?

  • lstavole13

    That was fantastic.

  • Joycekeo

    Thank you for summing up how I feel!

  • Jeremy

    No @7 Chris only KNR fires good on air guys.

  • Justin

    Best Line “Lets Pretend Im a Ballerina”…Classic

  • No @7 — You said it. He’d last about 0.5 seconds on WTAM.

  • Mark

    His destruction of Branyan was unreal.

  • AMC

    “And Peralta… Oh God (slaps forehead)… I’m in such pain…I’m hurting all over my body… We stink.”

    fantastic Bruce.

  • Peter

    Gotta love Bruce!!!….Tell it like it is.


  • MP34

    I love watching Bruce. His face palms are classic. Watching him after a Browns game is like therapy.

  • kingdiesel


  • buckeyeCIC


    Cannot agree more! Really love this!

  • @3 Ditto

  • Harv 21

    Tour de force.

    Drennan’s blowhard/mad as hell shtick feels just right when the team blows.

    Has a history of self-destructive stuff. Many years ago when teamed with Joe Tait on tribe t.v telecasts he said about a tribe outfielder, “Ya know Joe, everyone knows Miguel Dilone doesn’t have a major league arm.” He lasted one season as color commentator, then canned.

  • S-Dub

    I died laughing when he flipped out about Jhonny. Turns around in his chair and is dumbfounded at what has transpired with JP. HAHA! Great stuff.

  • JM

    He used to be great now all he does is complain about the Indians even on shows when the Cavs are in the middle of a playoff run. Did he think the team was going to be good or something?

  • Omar13Vizquel

    Hahaha @ Branyan

  • JM

    I will say that was hilarious though. Hey Bruce they aren’t a major league team, they are a AAA team disguised as a pro team!

  • subadai

    Jeez… what are you Indians fans complaining about?


    Reds Fan.

  • Give Valbuena back to the Mets…..CLASSIC.

  • @22 Now I know how i look to my wife when I watch Jhonny bat. or field or run the bags or take the field.

  • Karsten

    Pure gold.

  • Tommy

    Hard to give Valbuena back to the Mets when he came from the Mariners…. good stuff though. I’d appreciate more clips like these from hometown media for us out of towners who don’t ever get to see that stuff.

  • Kingofboggle

    Me and a buddy were at the game. Afterwards we went down to the Winking Lizard to watch the postgame. The sound was turned down so we just took a drink every timd Bruce put a hand to his head. It was a short night.

  • Daredent

    My Hero. Absolute Truth and Pure Gold.

  • Fred Beene

    Anybody remember who Drennan played for?

  • Roosevelt

    I am very surprised that the Indians aren’t suddenly world beaters. After all, they have a new manager!

  • Daredent

    @33 I believe it was the 2006-07 Grafton Prison Team.

  • gold

  • Oppie

    Nice work Bruce. I just love how he rips the Indians on their own station.

    TD, congrats on sort of getting credit/linked for the post by Deadspin yesterday.

  • Ward Larkin

    I’ve always disliked Bruce Drennan, and that goes back to the early 1980s. But I’ve especially disliked the Miss America Pageant.

  • Rick

    Let’s face it we have now turned into the Pittsburgh Pirates.

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  • matt

    Bruce your awesome!!! this is how i feel about the Mariners!

  • ostrowski

    We have been Browns and Indians fans since 1948. It is refreshing and encouraging to hear someone telling the truth about Cleveland teams. Nice going, Bruce, and thank you.

  • AaronH

    To bad Valbuena didn’t come from the Mets.

  • Jim Peak

    Classic! Someone who actually sees it from the fans point of view.

  • shane hobbs

    Does anyone remember a few years back when a radio game in Michigan went OFF after MSU lost to ND? That is still he funniest rant EVER

  • James

    Bruce, I told you at the beginning of the basketball season that lebron james ISNOT the king, and that the cav’s will NOT win the playoffs. I then hung up. You asked what do I base that on. Well proof is in the pudding isn’t? Need I say more Know I don’t have any contacts with anybody but, I will tell you this, lebron will probably go to New York. I guess you can tell that I could care less about lebron and I don’t care what anybody thinks about that. Shoot, I refuse to even put caps on his name. He is just an overpaid pompus piece of ____! Every time I heard his name I would just turn the channel. I got sick and tired of hearing about him. Now I hope we can get down now and play some good basketball. I might think a little different if he was a little more humble.