Josh Cribbs Contract Extension Looming

cribbs-kneelingShortly after season’s end, the apocalypse was upon us as Joshua Cribbs was allegedly not a part of the Cleveland Browns plans going forward.  One month later, it appears that all is well in the world as contract negotiations between Cribbs and the Browns front office is reported to be going very smoothly, leading to very high optimism.

The OBR reports that a deal should be in place by the mid-April draft, and there is even a chance that the ink has dried on a new contract prior to the official start of the 2010 season in March.

Recall that Cribbs and his team were looking for a contract extension to be discussed approximately four days following the official end to the 2009 season.  Team president Mike Holmgren had not had the chance to unpack his bags before player representation was looking to discuss numbers.  When numbers were discussed, Cribbs’ team was put off by the alleged low-ball offer of $1.4 million per year.  The words “final offer” were attributed to then team executive Dawn Aponte while Cribbs was reportedly looking for $2.5-$3 million annually. 

Coupling all of this together, Cribbs’ team took to the media to discuss their unhappiness.  Radio row, ESPN television shows, Twitter… The special teams star even went as far as to make sure he said goodbye to Berea staff while cleaning out his locker.

Since this time, Cribbs and his representatives have put down their picket signs and have let the dust settle in Berea.  The Browns have added Tom Heckert to the general manager’s chair, and he has brought in his own team of personnel executives.  Aponte has since been “traded” to the Miami Dolphins and now it is reported that the alleged “final offer” has actually been increased.

In reaching out to Cribbs’ agent JR Rickert, things are described as being “very positive.”  The OBRstates that current negotiations have focused around a low-end number that meets Cribbs’ expectations, which could likely be increased via incentives and would be based upon what Cribbs is asked to do on the field. 

Cribbs Contract: Consummation Close? [John Taylor/The OBR – S/R]

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  • Andy

    Is there any one besides the Browns’ front office that thinks Cribbs shouldn’t be paid anything and everything he asks for?

  • god I love Cribbs

  • Stinkfist

    I think he is asking for a realistic, fair amount, especially considering the uncapped year. He’s been incredibly reasonable, pay him what he wants

  • Uh, I don’t think he should be paid anything and everything he asks for.


  • Stinkfist

    is it a Colts-bred pony? hahaha groan….

  • 5KMD


    I think you have been biased by a very bad team over the last couple of years. I can’t wait for the days when the Browns best players aren’t on special teams or playing out of position.

  • Harv 21

    I’d be wary of the accuracy of this story. Cribbs cleared out his locker and his agent just didn’t see a way he’d still be here. Also, agent said professional negotiator used “take it or leave it” language re team’s best and most popular player. So …

    {Will return later after snarkiness therapy}.

  • Charlie

    @5KMD: Bad team or not, he’s our best player. Try to argue that he’s not, then try to argue that he’s undeserving. The man is setting all-time NFL records and changing the outcome of games single-handedly in spite of the fact that his teammates are average.

  • Gren

    @ Denny “WHAT IF HE ASKS FOR A PONY??”

    Then someone is breaking into the stables at Bera Fairground and the Browns will ‘Pony Up’.

  • Gren


  • Andy

    @5KMD Throughout the years Cribbs has had returns for TOUCHDOWNS (not sure if you knew based on your argument). I am not buying your excuse of the Browns being a bad team which some how makes what Josh Cribbs a bad player. Sorry for finding something good out of the past few years.

  • The resurrected Browns have always been bad except maybe one season and even then that ended badly but I agree with 5KMD in that you know things are bad when your best player is predominantly a special teams player. I hope when Cribbs gets his extension he has a press conference to apologize for the way he acted and reacted after the last game. Perhaps someone can lend him a towel to wash the egg off his face!

  • BuckeyeDawg

    Pay the man a reasonable amount based on comparable players and lets move on with life. Heckert needs to be focusing on the draft, not dealing with this situation.

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