Chick-fil-A Shows Their Support of the Browns


It was only a matter of time before local establishments shared in the joke that has been the first three weeks of the 2009 Browns season.  Your move, Ruby Tuesday.

(Big thanks to Brendon for passing this along)

  • Creative


  • Eli

    Normally, I would agree to the photoshopping. But I’m leaning towards real for this one.

  • oribiasi

    Sky is way too sunny for it to have been taken in the Cleveland area. Now, add some rain, dismal clouds and an overweight person…then I’ll buy it.

  • JDaz

    That looks like Belden Village in Canton to me. I think it’s legit.

  • steve

    why is everyone so quick to assume everything is a fake?

    its real.

  • Wow JDaz – that’s a good eye. Definitely is Belden. The only reason I know this is because my wedding reception was up the street and I went by there like 10 times.

  • JDaz wins…

    Beldan Village in North Canton. And it actually is sunny out here – as crazy as that may seem.

  • JDaz

    Boo-ya. Good to know that growing up in the Can-ton trained my eye to recognize patterns of commercial development signage. Lame.

  • Brendon

    lol, it is definitely real. I saw it on my lunch break. I couldn’t even believe it.

  • Josh Stein

    I’ll have to drive by that on the way home from work.

  • Brendon

    @josh- it is a definite must see!!!

  • MrCleaveland

    Hey, Chick-fil-A has a lot of brass to rag on the Browns or anyone else. Think of chicken sales revenue as a football score and KFC pounds them every day 34-3.

  • @ MrCleaveland – quality of quantity, my friend. Chick-fil-A is made of joy and taste. With a side of joy.

  • Brendon

    Chil-fil-a was my favorite before this. This just cements there status.

  • Isis


  • mgbode

    umm…..also, they are closed on Sundays due to them being a christian-oriented establishment. down in TX they even hold church events in the parking lots on Sundays when they are closed.

    not a very christian-oriented message (though very funny)

  • MrCleaveland


    Denny, chicken sales revenue isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.

  • Isis

    Chick Filet is the Alston Villa of chicken franchises, while KFS serves the masses.

  • Anthony

    Your move, Ruby Tuesday.

    Tuesday: yet another day the Browns won’t win a game

  • Eli

    +2 internet points for Anthony. Someone please stop at RT’s and have them put this up.

  • Matt

    So funny

  • BisonDeleSightings

    Back when there was a Cantina del Rio right there on Dressler, their sign said, “Belichick no es bueno.”

  • Matt#2


  • Mark_CHI

    I’m so nostalgic for my native North Canton now. Thanks guys. Go Vikings (Hoover, not Minnesota)!

  • Pittsburgh is for Man Lovers

    Chik-fil-a might be the greatest fast food chain ever. Not just because of the sign. Their nuggets are naughty little treats.

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  • Jay

    If Chick-Fil-A changed management, maybe if the owner sold to someone who cares about the franchise, maybe draft…er….hire some good personel, Chick-Fil-A would be perennial contenders. The manager of this location will be gone by the end of the year. Book It.

  • B-bo

    All these comments, and no one has mentioned the sheer deliciousness of Chick-fil-a breakfast food–the little chicken biscuits are beyond amazing.

  • Mike

    I grew up in and left North Canton over 24 years ago…….still a die-hard Browns fan. Living in Atlanta now.

  • saggy

    Haha, Isis, it’s ASTON Villa – and they’re actually pretty good. But you’re right – Manchester United is the KFC of the Premier League and Villa are the Chick-fil-A. You know, native Clevelander Brad Friedel is their goalkeeper – I wonder if he ever says anything to Lerner?…

  • Jethro Tull

    What year did you graduate? I am also a Hoover alum

  • Josh Stein

    Yeah, it’s there. Unbelievable.

  • When I tweeted this link, Joe Reedy, a Bengals beat writer retweeted it saying “and the pain in NE ohio continues”

    This is a new low for our once proud franchise

  • DJ

    Beautiful…and as a Louisville native and St. Thomas Aquinas grad, it’s good to see my home county piling on!

    Go Leopards! Go Knights!

    @24: I believe Louisville has beaten N. Canton five yeas in a row now…

  • Pidgie

    I totally love whoever got this picture. Its absolutely amazing.

  • ryan

    haha that IS belden village!!!! i miss in myrtle beach…too many squeelers fans here!

  • Diz

    Not only is Chik Fil A the greatest fast food restaurant of all time, but now they OWN the Browns.

    And has anyone ever noticed how nice their customer service is? They are the exact opposite of McDonald’s employees.

  • Justin

    I work at Dick’s across the street. This sign IS VERY REAL! Saw it two days ago and my jaw dropped.

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  • “My true glory is not to have won 51% of my Jets battles…Cleveland will erase the memory of so many victories. … But…what will live forever, is my Civil Code.”

  • Jo

    Each Chick-fil-A is owner-operated. The sign just states the sad truth that we mumble every time the Brownies lose a game.

  • J-bird

    Mr. Clevelander – As someone who actually works in the chicken business, Chick-fil-a is incredibly profitable – double digit sales increases this year alone. KFC obviously has more sales because they have more stores.

    In Atlanta, Chick-fil-a’s home, we call it Jesus Chicken. It’s damn good chicken!

  • /bok bok

  • theboogie

    nice work boys, link’s up on HotClicks

  • Mark_CHI

    We’re losing regularly to Louisville now? I graduated in 2001, and that didn’t happen often. How about you Jethro?

  • lordofchicken

    My name is Mike I’m the General Manager of the belden village FSU where this sign was run. First, yes it’s real. Second the gentelman who does the sign is both very funny, and a diehard cleveland fan. It was a joke that evolved during a conversation held by the staff the monday after the loss to the ravens. For those of you who saw it for what it was, thank you. For anyone who was offended we only meant it to show our disappointment in the performance of a team that we support. We are sorry if it bothered you.

    For all of you who commented on our store, food, or chain, thank you for your support. We value all of our customers, and thier feed back. If you would like more information on the company and it’s mission you can check out our web site at

  • That sign is real. It’s on the Canton, Ohio Chick-Fil-A. I drive by the store to work almost every day….it was only up for a day or two, but it’s real.

  • deac

    I frequent the Belden area enough to recognize that right away.

    That wasn’t too terrible because it seems like Steelers fans outnumber Browns ones in those parts anyway.

    That’s only a few miles from the Hall of Fame too…