Shaq Steps Into the Reality TV Realm

shaquille-onealIsn’t it fun having not one, but two superstars on OUR team for once? Our newly acquired Center and original NBA Superman Shaquille O’Neal is set to star in his own network reality TV show titled “Shaq vs.” According to a report in the USA Today (via, the ABC series will pit top athletes in their own sport against our very own gentle giant.

Filming begins Wednesday in Pittsburgh, where Shaq takes on Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger in football. Future hour-long episodes will pit him against Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, retired boxer Oscar De La Hoya, St. Louis Cardinals first baseman Albert Pujols, tennis pro Serena Williams and beach volleyball Olympians Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh.

OK, so the premise doesn’t sound great, but if Shaq is involved, you know you are in for at least a few laughs. Shaq’s drawing power is undeniable, and ABC is banking on it. This isn’t a show on Versus or FX – this is a network gig for the Big Witness Protection.

In other Shaq news, for more laughs, listen to our boy interviewed on the Dan Patrick show from July 9th where he talks about Lebron being dunked on, Twitter, and his impending free agency.

  • DK

    I’ll watch it…Shaq cracks me up…

  • TampaBrett

    That’s why we got Shaq. To take out Big Ben!

  • Its not a bad sign that I’m nervous he’s going to get injured doing this? Right? Right?!?!

  • @DocZeus

    That’s actually the first thing I thought of, too. He’d better not twist an ankle playing tennis.

  • Cribbage

    One small quibble, but Kurt Rambis was the original Superman in the NBA.

  • Eli

    Maybe instead of getting hurt, these exploits will motivate to be in great shape to compete with these athletes?

    And he can throw a chop block to Rothlesburger?

  • Jeffrey Lebowski

    As long as Larry David isn’t stretching his legs on the sideline, Shaq will be ok.

  • Wil

    I agree with # 3 DocZeus & # 4 EZ
    Sadly the 1st 3 things I thought of were:
    Tennis, ankle, bad.

    If they removed that sport in particular I would feel a lot more comfortable.

  • Josh

    if he matches up well against Big Ben, can he play Defensive End?? or outisde LB?

  • What’s with all the tennis hate?!?!!?

  • Wil

    I don’t hate Tennis, I’m just afraid it is the most likely dport for a big man like him to end up getting injured and have it carry over into next season.

  • Wil

    sport, noy dport

  • Wil

    uhhmmmm not, not noy

  • @Denny

    Of the ones they listed tennis just seems to me the one most likely to mess up the ankles of a 300+ pound 7-footer.

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