LeBron’s T-Shirts Do the Talking

If the LBJ MVP t-shirt didn’t draw the ire of the underground gossip sites enough, I am sure they will have a field day with this one.  I am not sure what motivates LBJ to wear shirts like this, but as a Clevelander, I do find it kind of funny. The question is whether or not Danny Ferry and Dan Gilbert find it funny. If anything, as silly as this t-shirt is, it once again points out that LeBron, even in losing before the NBA finals is not willing to allow ANYONE to indict him or his performance. Even in comedy, maybe LeBron is constantly reminding everyone with offices at The Q just how important it is to address the talent level on this Cavs team every single off-season.

You know LeBron is reading the rumor mills just like the rest of us.  You have to wonder what he thinks about getting Shaq, Charlie Villanueva, Antawn Jamison or any of the other rehashed rumors from last year’s regular season.  You also have to wonder how he feels about the Cavaliers standing pat with Wally Szczerbiak at the trade deadline.  LeBron is quite frequently a man of mystery.

Or maybe it is just a funny t-shirt.  With LBJ, you never really know.

  • adam

    hahaaha lebron is the man

  • MacNip

    well, the $ in ‘stats’ tells me he is talking about money. ‘Check out how much money I make.’

  • Clown Baby

    It’s a good way to keep his name out there for sure. Since the “media” is so story-starved they report on people’s shirts, I guess he figured he’d take advantage of the free PR. I don’t think he’s somebody that minds having his face out there.

  • MrCleaveland

    Some old coach once said, “Stats are for losers.”

    It’s championships that matter.

  • Omega King

    Love the shirt. Good work LeBron.

  • Kevin

    Thanks, LeBron and… that is now my new facebook picture lol

  • scott

    Check my page $tats. Unique visitors make it rain.

  • S-Dub

    Maybe he should have gone shirtless, then sites could’ve reported that he was being arrogant and pompus and disrespecting his fans by showing them he was in better shape than them….

    WFNY, does this really deserve ANY attention? I think not.

  • bridgecrosser

    That shirt is ill-larious! (/Chappelle’d). Better than “The Washington Wizards mow my lawn.”

  • mgbode

    I think he should wear a shirt that says “The Washington Wizards couldn’t even mow my lawn”

  • BB

    I think he just wants people to check out his dollar sign tattoos.

  • mendy

    you guys are all such homers… you REALLY like the shirt?? really?? if it was on kobe you’d love it? if it was on d-wayde? how about a-rod? TO?

    i seriously doubt it. indifferent? maybe. but LOVE it? don’t think so.

  • Jay

    I wish he would just wear a shirt that says: “Attention Danny Ferry & Dan Gilbert. I will be a free agent in 2010 and if you don’t pay me, AND get me a supporting cast that will win the title this upcoming season, I’m out.” That would be less subtle.

  • @ Mendy- no. I find it annoying and a bit brash.

  • @ S-Dub- if we didn’t post anything at all on possibly the slowest Cleveland sports day of the year, wouldn’t we be hearing about it? Or maybe you’d like another Quinn or Anderson debate?

    There is a ‘tips’ email address for a reason. If you see something worth reporting/discussing we’re all ears…

  • JM

    What stats? Oh yeah I went there! Haha I’m just kidding he is the man.

  • buu

    kind of interesting in that so far this summer hes been documented wearing 2 shirts with, uh, intriguing messages on them. this one, and the “LBJ/MVP” run-dmc shirt. are we catching glimpses of the (gasp) cocky lebron?

  • frenchy

    who cares, i think James once more is messing with he press, i think he wanted to do something funny. If i were him i’d wear t-shirts like that too!

    And St tropez…LeBron has never been so close from me but still a few hundreds miles away lol

  • TampaBrett

    We need a WFNY group streak for cash on ESPN to help the slow times like these.

  • King Crab

    $tats are ALL he has.

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  • lynn

    i think lebron should check a tip chart out instead of his own stats. how does a multi millionair think its ok not to tip a waitress? i know first hand he is a bad tipper and ssometimes he does not tip at all

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