Eat It TMZ: Kobe Rocks His Own T-Shirt

Lakers Parade BasketballPerhaps they should stick to following Paris Hilton around like sad little dogs…

Today this appeared on TMZ’s site. I’m not going to say that wearing your own shirt is cool, but TMZ’s comment:

For the record — you won’t see Kobe Bryant wearing a shirt with his individual accomplishments plastered on the front of it during his championship parade today — he’s gonna let the trophy do the talking.

Um….care to try again?

In case you don’t get the shirt, that’s puppet Kobe’s hand with four rings. Not a 2009 Laker’s championship shirt. Not a 15-time champions shirt. Not even the team caricature shirt. Pretty sure that’s an individual accomplishment type of thing there. 

(AP Photo/Reed Saxon)

  • Glaumdawg

    I’m pretty sure their comment is filled with sarcasm.

  • David Stern

    That is so great, I don’t even know what to do. I wish whomever from TMZ wrote that was in my house right now so I could print that Kobe picture out and shove it straight down their throats.

    I’m sure a correction is coming…

  • Joe

    I’m a huge LBJ fan, but wearing his own MVP shirt is worse than wearing a Yankees hat. It just feels wrong. On the other hand, although I dislike Kobe, he is at a rally for the championship. The rings are a product of a team accomplishment, rather than one individual’s greatness. Fisher is also wearing the same shirt. Come on, I still sport my high school league champs t-shirts every now and then!

  • scott

    I’d be okay if Phil Dawson wore a Captain Clutch T-shirt

  • Ha. That’s great. Also impressive job by Nike. That is some viral marketing right there.

  • mgbode

    if Nike paid me $10million I would wear that shirt out in public….I’d puke afterwards and clean it up with the shirt, but I’d wear it.

  • cindy

    TMZ posted the Kobe pic as well as a mea culpa.

    Kobe is a scumbag–but he has rings!! Which to me is simply decorating a turd.

  • shannon

    I don’t know if you guys noticed, but Fisher is wearing the same shirt.

  • The Other Tim

    TMZ is a wretched hive.
    Mouth-breathing idiots.

  • MadCowz99

    Kobe hasn’t looked this excited since the charges were dropped

  • fishlips

    Derek Fisher had one on, too, for his four rings.


    I guess we should go to for all are nba news now



  • Mike

    Rings are team accomplishments. MVP’s are meaningless awards given by the media that don’t mean ****. When you win 4 rings, you can wear whatever the hell you want.

  • Laker2010

    So Kobe is going to lose one finger?

  • scott

    I must have missed the Fisher Nike puppet commercial

  • Omega King

    Scott – you didn’t see it? It was right after the commercial where Dwight Howard’s puppet elbowed someone in the face…

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  • “Scott – you didn’t see it? It was right after the commercial where Dwight Howard’s puppet elbowed someone in the face…”

    No, that was still the Kobe commercial.

  • dede

    OK!!! like everyone else said FISHER is wearing one too.
    Tmz shut it!
    instead of giving a compliment on the win you do nothing but talk out of your ahole.

  • dave

    fisher and kobe was wearing the same shirt because they all have four “CHAMPIONSHIP” rings aka TEAM accomplishments. while lebron wore LEBRON MVP. and yes, you’ll never see kobe wear a shirt that says KOBE MVP. as arrogant as he is, he does keep it on the low key. i wonder why you didn’t post lebron’s picture?…

  • ello

    Thanks for deleting my post.

  • Welcome to the site…please read the “Before You Comment” section (tab at the top). That might explain why some comments got caught in the filter and deleted. (By the way, the original piece is called a post. Everything that follows are comments.)

  • adam

    typical kobe hater. get over it. by the way, the shirt with the champagne cork is also a kobe/nike “individial accomplishment kind of thing”. it was worn by gasol and a few other players…what does that say about them???

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  • Pete

    Aren’t those 4 rings indicative of team accomplishments? You sound desperate.