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The Revolving Door

Tribe StinksSince the PD’s Dennis Manoloff completely stole my thunder this morning in regards to the bullpen, I figured I would go a different route. Instead of beating the dead horse and going over just how bad the pen has been as a whole since opening day, I thought it would be better for all WFNY readers to check out the revolving door of transactions over the first 43 days of this miserable season.

Good teams don’t change their roster like they change their underwear. I believe this list tells you all you need to know:

April 11th – Cleveland Indians placed LHP Scott Lewis on the 15-Day disabled list; purchased RHP Vinnie Chulk from Columbus.

April 15th – Cleveland Indians optioned 2B Josh Barfield to Columbus; recalled LHP Aaron Laffey from Columbus.

April 22nd – Cleveland Indians optioned LHP Zach Jackson to Columbus; recalled LHP Tony Sipp from Columbus.

April 29th – Cleveland Indians placed DH Travis Hafner on the 15-Day disabled list; recalled LHP Rich Rundles from Columbus.

May 1st – Cleveland Indians activated LF David Dellucci from the 15-Day disabled list; optioned Rich Rundles to Columbus.

May 2nd – Cleveland Indians placed RHP Joe Smith on the 15-Day disabled list; designated 2B Tony Graffanino for assignment; optioned LF Trevor Crowe to Columbus; called up OF/1B Matt LaPorta from Columbus; recalled 2B Josh Barfield from Columbus; recalled 2B Luis Valbuena from Columbus.

May 6th – Cleveland Indians optioned LHP Rafael Perez to Columbus; called up RHP Matt Herges from Columbus Clippers.

May 7th – Cleveland Indians designated RHP Vinnie Chulk for assignment; outrighted 2B Tony Graffanino to Columbus; recalled Jeremy Sowers from Columbus.

May 12th – Cleveland Indians activated 2B Jamey Carroll from the 15-Day disabled list; optioned 2B Josh Barfield to Columbus.

May 14th – Cleveland Indians optioned LHP Jeremy Sowers to Columbus Clippers; signed free agent RHP Luis Vizcaino; outrighted RHP Vinnie Chulk to Columbus;

May 17th – Cleveland Indians optioned Tony Sipp to Columbus; outrighted Masa Kobayashi to Columbus; called up David Huff from Columbus; called up Greg Aquino from Columbus Clippers; transferred LHP Scott Lewis from the 15-Day disabled list to the 60-Day disabled list.

Sickening, isn’t it? The thing is, it’s not even major injuries that caused this gigantic fluctuation of the roster. I’s been under-performance, pure and simple. Mark Shapiro and his cronies are trying to find anyone who can help them either at the plate or on the mound. The opening day starting shortstop (Jhonny Peralta) now plays third. The second baseman (Asdrubal Cabrera), now plays short. The third baseman (Mark DeRosa), is rotating between first and the outfield. That’s just the half of it.

It’s gonna be a long summer in C-Town….Thank goodness for Lebron and the Cavaliers.

  • Josh

    i do have to say, while this is VERY disappointing…(probably an understatement), i am happy that they keep tinkering in order to find working parts.

    Better than being stubborn and not making adjustments.

  • bridgecrosser

    Thoughts on Dennis Manoloff…. I wish he’d write more like he is in person – half-as-filtered and twice as entertaining, a little more boorish but also more captivating and throught provoking. Can they just fire Bill Livingston now and give Dennis a chance at writing some opinion pieces?

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  • Nowhere else to put this, so:

    Great defense by Francisco and Choo in the first two innings.

    Respect to the Royals announcers (watching on MLBTV from NY) for being very strong in their backing Valbuena for going into the catcher the way he did and noting that that is not only what he had to do, but what he was supposed to do.

    Not sure I loved the gamble of going home there, but figure it’s either a runner on 3rd or 2nd with 2 outs even if he’s out, which should score on a base hit. May as well take the gamble to get the run, a guy on 2nd, and save an out.

  • Regis

    Well I had nowhere else to put this either so Ill just let you know the bullpen just got worst when Kerry Wood allowed 4 runs in less than one inning blowing another win for Cliff and the Tribe.

  • Regis

    Kerry Wood = Closer = My ***