Notorious Cavs Video: “More James Than Worthy”

It takes a special kind of fan to use a lyric-packed hip-hop song from roughly 10 years ago as a way to pay homage to today. However, when you use a track featuring a group that actually hails from Cleveland, perhaps you come up with some extra points.

Fan videos are a dangerous thing. Sometimes, they’re very creative and humorous. Other times, they can be downright awful and then stuck on the Internet forever for all to dig up when needed. I’ll let you all decide where this one falls along said scale. 

Your “Notorious Cavs” video is after the jump:

  • If you survive the first 90 seconds it gets better.

  • Chris M

    We did they mix the song under water?

  • The obvious distinction to be made here is that in the original version, Biggie comes in at exactly 1:15. In the Cavalier version, it comes in at 1:27. Perhaps they checked with lawyers and they skillfully avoided any kind of copyright infringement.

  • Chris M

    Not bad. Not bad at all. I’ve certainly seen much, much worse than that.

  • kevin

    its just funny!! and i agree it gets better but well, we cant really call that a big time hit^^

  • TampaBrett

    Wow…that was horrible. Humorous though. Reminds me of the Bernie Kosar “Bernie, Bernie whoa Bernie Superbowl” now that’s classic. LOL

  • Tsunami


    Shout outs at the Knicks
    the BIRD RULES!!!!!!!!

  • Andrew Schlabach

    The beginning kind of sucks but after that its pretty good. The audio quality aint the greatest.

  • Lyon

    I love how their pitches in voices chang to fit Bone n Biggie’s tone.

    Definitely gets better after the first minute

  • Pretty cool. I pieced together my own video a while back, little tribute to Lebron and Cleveland, if you care to check it out. For a first try at video editting, I was pretty proud.

  • Kunal

    haha that actually wasnt horrible, still prefer notorious thug though

  • so-called beef with you-know-who…

  • That song is definetely solid…I had it posted Monday on my blog,
    and couldn’t get it out of my head since. I posted on it yesterday as well at MWSF – check ’em out. Best song in Cleveland since Ber-nie, Ber-nie. The pic of Bone is a good touch…keep up the good work fellas!

  • Scotty P

    We should have Michael Stanley or Devo or Chimaira or Mushroomhead redo this.
    It needs to rock more.

  • Corey C

    Anybody know where you can find the oldschool Bernie Bernie song? Now that was a classic

  • Megg

    Dr. Redbush does not get enough love in this!!!

    Pas Mal, but the BONE & BIGGIE part needs some serious work

  • By popular demand… A WFNY snippet

    [Bernie, Bernie♩♪♫♬♭ ]

  • D-Train

    white people shouldn’t rap.

  • Chad

    This is probably about 5 minutes too long. I’ll stick with the Young Chris Cavs Swagga remix.


  • You have to at least appreciate what Cavs fans these dudes are. This had to take some work to put together.

  • ImpactPlayr

    Being a huge BTNH fan I must say I was shocked to see this while I looks for my local Cleveland Sports news. The first 90seconds is horrendous(It’s the Cleveland Cavaliers…uhh sounds so bad!)
    The verses are pretty good bad the sound mixing is a little off…I did however Post this link to the official Bone Thugs N Harmony fan site (BTNHBORAD.COM) At least we play SOME D, SOME D, Some D… GO Cavs!

  • Seantay4

    The regular video on YouTube has waaaaaay better sound quality.

    RISE UP!

  • Seantay4

    Here’s a higher quality version of the video:

  • bridgecrosser

    Just bought off Itunes song they use for the Cavs intro this year…

  • Baddawg

    That was brutal……..How about a high energy MSB with sound bites of Joe Tait mixed in…..Ya know a little high energy to get pumped up……

  • D-Train

    i never thought i’d see the words msb and high energy all together in one sentence.