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No Time for Losers…

Congratulations to Jeremy, who won the inaugural WFNY baseball fantasy league! You might recognize Jeremy as Cpl Yuk in the comments. It was a 13 team roto league made up of readers plus Scott and myself. Scott and I put up a valiant effort to keep the coveted t-shirt in house, but in the end we were no match for More Cowbell, who finished no lower than 5th in any one category in the 6×6 league.

Jeremy wore his new WFNY jersey style shirt to the Browns big win last night. Is it any coincidence that the Browns offense was unstoppable as a result? Did I mention those shirts are available at the WFNY cafepress store? Jeremy is also still alive in the WFNY Survivor football league. Anyone interested in basketball? If so leave a comment.

(Man that’s a nice looking shirt!)

  • For the record, I just lost in the Survivor Pool because I picked the Giants. I can live with that. 🙂

  • I’d be in for basketball – guess I missed out on the other leagues.

    Nice shameless plug by the way. Why not put a header link to the store at the top of the page?

  • There’s a link in the blogroll. FWIW we aren’t making anything on the shirts. Just some advertising.

    And I’m just saying that perhaps somebody has to show up to each Browns game with a new WFNY shirt each week…..

  • S-Dub

    I’d def be up for the basketball league…….Still got that great feeling of euphoria after that win…

  • Bobby O

    I’m no good at basketball…But just wait till march madness rolls around….

  • League is set-up

    Yahoo league #85713 WFNY basketball
    Password is clevelandrocks

    16 team league…free to play

  • congrats, Yuk.

    Brownies looked nice last night, we are on a roll.
    If you need to round out the basketball league, Im game (as long as i can have LeBron on my team).

  • LaundroMat

    A serious question: does he have the sleeves rolled down, or are they that length?

  • It is a 3/4 length sleeve…I think that XL might be a little big on him. My sleeves hit me a hair below the elbow.

  • Mike

    I’m definitely into a fantasy bball league!

  • Cpl Yuk

    Hey… What a good looking Model for your wonderful tee shirts… I mean… whoa.. Wait, that’s me.


    Thanks Guys. I had a great time in the Baseball League. And would most defiantly be interested in another Tee Shirt… I mean The Basketball League.

  • Cpl Yuk

    And yes.. It is an XL (not washed yet) and is a bit big for me.. but for the amount of beers I put down last night, I may soon grow into it.

  • nitz7978

    hey i know that guy. 🙂 congrats yuk

  • YaYa Jones

    Way to go Cpl Yuk…Great picture, handsome!! You look like someone I know. I’m not into Fantasy but I love your style.

  • That shirt could get you dates man…..

  • Aaron

    It’s my 10th year coming here and it never gets old hearing an entire stadium shut up at once(except for your booing your OWN team and crying for BRADY). We took over the game when it counted in the 4th quarter. Take off your dog masks and face it, playoffs are for WINNING football teams.

  • raven01fan

    Ravens had no defensive backfield, a rookie qb, rb and head coach, we always count on Anderson for a pass to someone in Purple and Black. Way to go DA!!! 44 years and counting, still no signs of a champion in c-town. Guess what, waiting for next year will never come. Losing is what you do best.