NBA Blogger Previews – Northwest Division

While we are doing our own NBA divisional previews here at WFNY, CelticsBlog (one of the absolute best in the business) is also hosting their annual Blogger Previews, and this year we were invited to participate. Next up, the exciting Northwest Division is featured. Feel free to click around and check out some of the predictions and insight from some of the absolute best NBA writers you will find on the internet.   

Northwest Division

den.gif min.gif por.gif uth.gif

Denver Nuggets

Jeremy: Pickaxe and Roll
Nick Sclafani: The Nugg Doctor

Minnesota Timberwolves

Derek Hanson & Staff: TWolves Blog
Andrew Thell: Empty the Bench
wyn: Canis Hoopus

Oklahoma City

xphoenix87: BallerBlogger
Zorgon: Blue Blitz
Royce: The Thunderworld

Portland Trail Blazers

Mookie: …a stern warning
Benjamin Golliver: Blazers Edge
Coup and SJ: Rip City Project

Utah Jazz

UtesFan89: The Utah Jazz
Basketball John: SLC Dunk

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  • JJ

    The division that has been near and dear for the past 11 years (all my years in the great state of Alaska). The division that garaunteed me extensive Cavs coverage whenever they were playing the Sonics or Blazers. Now it is all OVER!!! I’m now stuck with the local news giving me Mario Chalmers (who i went to high school with) and Carlos Boozer “watches” and maybe just maybe a comment about the Cavs in the highlight. If only trajan langdon would have amounted to anything in Cleveland, then i’d be swimming in Cavs coverage. But if i say that, LeBron James might be playing in Denver or Miami or even …shudder…DETROIT.

    ……I’m only a tad bitter about the Sonics being ripped from Seattle.