Stay Classy, KG

I tossed out a request to Ryne Nelson, and he obliged with the utmost quickness. If you check out our live blog at the 10:04pm mark, I read KG’s lips going into the commercial. Anyone else see “F’ing F*ggots?” Mmm hmmm…


I see this going over like a lead balloon…

  • Jordan

    YES! I DEFINITELY saw that. Let’s hope he doesn’t bring Uzis, clips and hand grenades to The Q next time.

  • this is the same guy that was supposed to be idolized because he was interviewed by bill russell… where you at now, stu scott?

  • darren

    holy crap! i was watching this with the guys, and i had turned to my friend to say something and i missed it! they all started laughing, and i was angry i missed it. thanks for posting this.

  • MacNip

    Yep, this is going to be talked about by a lot of people and very soon

  • Ricky

    No it won’t, because Garnett is a media darling. Nobody outside of Cleveland will ever know this happened

  • Maybe he was referring to Doc Rivers and the pink tie he wore tonight? Maybe not…

  • Tim

    Maybe he was referring to is teammates.

  • Phil

    I couldn’t find the LeBron dunk that supposedly sealed the deal anywhere on line, including at YouTube, though it reportedly has been posted there. Any chance WFNY could post it?

  • I’ll see what I can muster up, Phil.

  • Phil

    Thanks, Scott, but I noticed just now that Yahoo! Sports posted the play on their front page.

  • Chris

    Yup… saw it, turned to my wife and said, “did he just say f–king f–gots?”…

    I can’t imagine what else it could have been…

  • chike

    guys! all he said was ‘effing fans’ thats it. He was facing the stands behind the rim. you know he is mouthing off 24/7 but i dont think he said that at all. just go back and read his lips.

  • he sure dragged out “fans,” if that’s the case…

  • Zach

    Ha i definitely saw this two, and proceeded to run over to the other room full of Celtics fans (I go to school up here in the da*n town of boston) and rag on them about it. Sadly, none of them had seen it, and as Ricky said earlier, it will never really get outside of cleveland fans

  • MacNip

    I didn’t know “fans” had 2 syllables

  • I was gonna say the same thing MacNip. “Fan-nuhs”? Is that how he pronounces it?

  • Nice grab, Waiting. KG’s a great regular-season player.

  • Apollo

    Here, I thought I was the only one. Nice catch! Its crazy how nice he was to Gloria and then he rips off that slow-mo comment in the same game. Overall, I think KG is a class act. It may just go to show how competitive he is.

  • Jonathan

    It will never get outside of Cleveland fans because no one here is an expert lip reader. I don’t know what he said, will concede it might have looked like “faggots,” but then again, if you mouth the phrase “olive juice” it looks like you’re saying “I love you” Unless you have audio of him saying it, all you’ve got is speculation. Enjoy your game four win and stop looking for other angles. If you really want to rip KG for something, rip him for yet another fourth quarter disappearing act.

    /See you in Boston.

  • MacNip

    Well, thats an interesting topic Jonathan. What other angles can we find? That KG lets the fans get under his skin? That KG can’t win in the playoffs? That the spokesperson for the League of Clutch got worked over by Andy Varejao? That the DPOY got dunked on and his pathetic push of Lebron didn’t even phase him? I guess those are all angles we could take with KG.

    Well at least the potty mouth will have his home crowd tonight so he doesn’t have to worry about cussing them out.

    All in good fun….looking forward to a good game tonight

  • “If you really want to rip KG for something, rip him for yet another fourth quarter disappearing act.”


  • Macall

    I saw this live and my boyfriend and I looked at each other at the same time and were like “did he just say f***ing F****ts?” We rewound it on dvr and he definitely said it. As Celtics and Garnett fans here in Boston, we were both very disappointed. I can’t believe that it hasn’t been discussed more in the major media either. It was blatantly obvious that that’s what he said.