Fantasy Sports

A little fantasy baseball?


I have to admit, I love some fantasy sports. With baseball season right around the corner I thought I would offer up a Waiting For Next Year fantasy baseball league. Those interested please respond in the comments section, and I will send you an email with the league ID and password. It will be a roto league, from both AL and NL. Draft will be autodraft, since trying to get a bunch of us together at the same time is probably a reach. The league will be through Yahoo, and will be free.

And since I suppose there needs to be some type of prize involved, how about a fancy WFNY t-shirt? Sounds good to me. Who’s in?

  • (raises hand)

  • Jeremy Coyle


  • Bryan

    I’d like to play!

  • chad

    i’m in.

  • patrick eaton


  • Rick

    Scott, Jeremy, Patrick, Bryan and Chad you should check the email that you signed in to WFNY with. I sent you the league info.

  • Tom

    I’m in.

  • in.

  • Jeremy

    I would ALSO like to play if its not too late.

  • Rick

    No prob Jeremy. Look for an email your way.

  • Jeremy

    Thanks Rick!

  • Rick

    Still room for a few more guys (or girls) as well….

  • Can’t believe I missed this, of course I’m in

  • Cruel temptor….I have not played fantasy baseball for years. It takes so much freakin’ time! And yet, the invite to join yet another fantasy league with Rick and the gang may be too much hard to pass on. I must ponder this today, before it’s too late!

  • Louis

    I’m in!

  • Rick

    Jack and Scott I sent an email to you with the league info…hope you get it in time, tomorrow I will set the league to draft.

  • Rick

    Louis, your invite is in the email as well.

  • Paul

    Ready to rock