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01/30 Morning Minute: New Deals For Everyone!

Easily, the biggest news in the Cleveland area has nothing to do with Cleveland at all. The Twins dealing Johan Santana to the National League is very intriguing, as Rick covered yesterday. I personally can’t wait for all of the talk radio caller-types to come to the table saying that the Twins just “gave” the former Cy Young winner away. Billy Smith was put in a very, very tough position, and getting Carlos Gomez in return was very nice for Minnesota.

Remember, Grady Sizemore and Brandon Phillips were once “no-names” in this league when the Tribe moved (then star) Bartolo Colon.  Yes, Minnesota (reportedly) had an offer that included Phil Hughes from New York, but as Clevelanders we should be grateful that another American League team is unloading their players. Man, does this have the making for a three-horse race in the Central, or what? Of course, this is all assuming that the Mets get a new deal done…

In non-surprising news, Browns Head Coach Romeo Crennel is reportedly happy with his contract extension. Really? From the Plain Dealer:

“I know the last couple of years [Lerner] probably had some doubts about whether he had made the right choice or not, but I had no doubts,” Crennel said.

I am all about coaches being rewarded, but you can count me in on Team Skeptical as this is one move that will be judged strictly in hindsight. As I have mentioned in other outlets, Browns fans will not settle for any sort of regression next season and anything short of the playoffs will be considered a failure. Perhaps overachieving was not the best route to go, as once you play with the hearts and minds of the fans, you are on a short leash.

Other news out of Browns camp is that the agent of Jamal Lewis has stated that his client is in search of a long-term deal, and would like to finish his career in Cleveland. Lewis is coming off of a solid 1,300-yard season and undoubtedly played a large role in the successes of this past season. He feels that he has three years left in the tank, and I’m personally alright with a deal – but I would hope for two years. I just hope it wasn’t a too-good-to-be-true season, but you can’t tell me that hearing a player say that he wants to “finish his career” in Cleveland isn’t an uplifting move – even if it was done on a fan/front office PR scale.

Cavs fans are quietly awaiting the results from Anderson Varejao’s ankle examination. For now, check out Brian Windhorst’s thoughts on possibly dealing for Jason Kidd. $21 million next season? Is that something that the Cavs are willing to take on, assuming they are capable? LeBron has already gone to bat for Kidd, saying that a championship is “that simple.” I’m sure Danny Ferry is thrilled with this pressure. Meanwhile, the Mike Bibby watch continues over at Cavalier Attitude.

Cavs in Portland and Ohio State Men’s hoops at Penn State tonight. Blazers Edge has already exclaimed their backhanded excitement to see “King James and the ‘Bronettes,” but I can’t blame them as they only get to see James live once this season. The commentors already fear a fourth quarter battle. Getcha DVRs ready.

(Editors Note: I forgot to add yesterday’s Basketball Jones podcast.  Tas (co-host) took a trip down to Cleveland for the Cavs/Lakers game.  Has anyone encountered the things he mentioned?  Specifically, vendor’s making up their own prices?  Just curious, as this has never happened to me.)

Have a good Wednesday, folks.